New couch co-op game Spells & Secrets starts Early Access in 2022

Spells & Secrets will be a new cute couch co-op game. It comes from a German developer and the game is scheduled to go into Early Access on the Nintendo Switch and Steam as early as summer 2022.

What kind of game is this? Spells & Secrets is an upcoming action-adventure game. It comes from the developer studio Rokaplay. So far, they have developed cute little games such as zombie solitaire or a colorful construction game called Stranded Sail.

Spells & Secrets, on the other hand, has clear Harry Potter allusions. You play a first grader who was recently admitted to the magic school in Greifenstein. But strange creatures have overrun the campus and there are more secrets to be investigated in the old walls.

What are the special features? Spells & Secrets looks incredibly sweet and cute and convinces with its cute comic graphics and the design of the setting, which is based on Harry Potter. According to Steam, the game still has the following features to offer:

  • You can customize your caster student from a variety of options
  • The magic school of Greifenstein is procedurally generated and each run offers new levels
  • Your magic spells are not only weapons against the raging monsters, but you can also use them to solve puzzles and find out interesting combos.
  • Your heroes can continue to level up and improve in the game

There is also an optional 2-player co-op mode. You can play it comfortably on the couch or online via Steam Remote Play. The control is possible with both mouse and keyboard and controller.

When does it appear? A specific release date for Spells & Secrets has not yet been announced. However, Steam says that the game should go into Early Access in summer 2022. In addition, a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Spells & Secrets will start soon.

Which platforms are supported? So far, according to the developers, the platforms Steam and Nintendo’s Switch console are intended for Spells & Secrets.

How are the players reacting? On reddit, the news about the upcoming release of Spells & Secrets was well received. Many users are looking forward to a game with a Harry Potter look, which you can also play comfortably on the couch in co-op.

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