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Mortal Kombat movie will have a sequel

Mortal Kombat movie relaunched the license in cinemas in April last year and recorded solid results at the box offices. The movie should have a sequel, whose script is entrusted to Jeremy Slater (Moon Knight).

After two movie adaptations in the late 1990s, Mortal Kombat returned to the big screen in April last year to relaunch the license. And if the critical reception of this new adaptation of the fighting video game was rather lukewarm, the film obviously took advantage of a very particular pandemic context to achieve a better-than-expected score at the box office: the film earned more than $83 million in cinemas (for a budget of $55 million) and above all, it was the best launch of a feature film on the HBO Max platform (the film was broadcast there simultaneously with its cinema release).

These results were obviously good enough to encourage Warner to produce a sequel. According to Deadline, Mortal Kombat 2 is in the works, written by Jeremy Slater – who is also known as the writer of the Moon Knight series for Disney+.

At this stage, the plot of this sequel is not revealed, but we remember that the first episode left “a feeling of unfinished business” – this first episode focused on the preparations for the iconic “Mortal Kombat” of the license, but ended before the confrontation actually took place. This Mortal Kombat 2 should therefore be a logical continuation of the first one.

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