Midnight Ghost Hunt turns you into an attacking killer chair

A new horror game on Steam has a special twist. As a ghost, you can play furniture pieces to attack ghost hunters. Pretty much every oddball title has been seen on Steam, but an upcoming horror game should hold your attention a little longer. We’re talking about “Midnight Ghost Hunt”, a 4vs4 PvP game in which four ghost hunters compete against four ghosts – and you can play a piece of furniture.

What kind of game is this? Basically, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a mixture of Ghost Busters, Dead by Daylight and Evolve – but in any case even more chaotic. As ghosts, you have the ability to occupy just about any item within an abandoned house. You can hide in a vase, old suit of armor, or a chair. You can use these “possessed” objects as weapons. For example, as a chair, you can jump on the ghost hunter’s neck from behind to temporarily turn him off.

For those who like it braver, you can also distract the Ghostbusters by simply levitating a few objects – or masquerading as a Ghostbuster doppelganger in plain sight. At least until a ghost hunter with a spectrophone in hand takes a critical look at why you can’t even hear this one ghost hunter in voice chat.

Ghostbusters, on the other hand, have a solid repertoire of weapons and tracking options. For example, they can make the ghosts’ astral “footprints” visible, place traps in bottlenecks and – in the best “Ghost Busters” manner – collect the essence of vanquished ghosts with their vacuum cleaner. Both ghosts and survivors choose special perks, allowing you to customize your playstyle.

After 5 minutes, the ghost hunters become the hunted

What’s special: If the ghost hunters haven’t managed to find all the ghosts by midnight (which corresponds to about 5 minutes of playing time), then the tables turn. The ghosts are empowered, any ghosts already trapped are released, and the ghost hunters become the hunted. A fight to the death ensues as the ghost hunters frantically try to dodge the attacks from possessed objects and the ghosts themselves unleash all their power to bring the hunters a painful end.

The ghost hunters can still win after midnight, but this is much more difficult – but not impossible. It just needs more hits on the ghosts and quick reactions to avoid the numerous attacks.

Incidentally, ghosts cannot simply wait out the 5 minutes quietly and secretly in any object. If you remain motionless in one place the whole time, you will be revealed sooner or later. While it may make sense to have one or two Ghost players hiding from view, this is more of an active game of cat and mouse than “I’ll sit motionless in this lamp and wait”.

Midnight Ghost Hunt thus follows a core game principle that is already known, in which the antagonists are initially weaker and inferior until luck turns in their favor – just as some might already know from Evolve with the monster hunt.

When can you play? There is no official release date of Midnight Ghost Hunt yet, but the possibility of playing is not far away. From January 28th to January 30th there will be a closed beta to which many interested players should be invited. To be in with a chance of gaining access, all you have to do is select the game on the Midnight Ghost Hunt Steam page and register your interest in the beta playtest. With a bit of luck you will be invited to the next test version at the end of the week.

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