Midnight Ghost Hunt: new horror co-op game is a top trending on Twitch

Developer Vaulted Sky Games‘ new horror co-op game is showing strong viewership on Twitch. Midnight Ghost Hunt even leaves the big genre competitor Dead by Daylight behind for a short time.

What is Midnight Ghost Hunt? Midnight Ghost Hunt is a cooperative horror game developed by Vaulted Sky Games and available on Steam since March 31st, 2022. In the co-op game you slip into the role of ghosts or hunters. As a ghost, you possess objects. As a hunter, you must successfully hunt down the ghosts before midnight. Because at midnight the ghosts turn the tables and the hunters become the hunted.

The principle of the game is similar to that of hide and seek. In contrast to comparable genre representatives, a 4v4 is played. This distinguishes Midnight Ghost Hunt from, for example, Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th.

Midnight Ghost Hunt on Twitch just ahead of PUBG and Dead by Daylight

The numbers on Twitch: Midnight Ghost Hunt showed a strong release, especially on Twitch. There, the co-op horror game reached a peak of 66,000 simultaneous viewers on release day, March 31, 2022. Within a week, the game racked up a whopping 1.39 million watch hours across all channels. Already on April 1st the peak was “only” 50,100 and on April 2nd it was 33,200 viewers. The high value of the release is currently leveling off.

How does it compare to the genre competition? One of Midnight Ghost Hunt‘s biggest genre competitors among co-op horror games is probably Dead by Daylight. Developer Behavior Interactive‘s title had a daily peak of 38,100 viewers on March 31, the day of the Midnight Ghost Hunt release. However, at the time of the 66,000 “Midnight Ghost Hunt” viewers, the number of active viewers dropped to 29,700. That’s not a bad stat compared to Dead by Daylight‘s average viewership, though.

In recent years there have been a number of co-op games that have attracted fans of the horror genre. In addition to numerous zombie or horror survival games, PvP titles in particular have built up their own fan base. In addition to the new Midnight Ghost Hunt, two strong representatives of the genre are or were the long-running favorites Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, which has since been switched off.

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