LoL shows new champ – the “bad supporter” Renata Glasc

Riot Games has announced the next champion for League of Legends. Renata Glasc, the “Chem-Baroness”, is designed to cause confusion among your opponents – by letting them attack each other.

When will Renata Glasc appear? Renata Glasc is said to be coming to League of Legends as a new champion with patch 12.4. According to the current status, the patch is expected for mid-February. However, it is already known what kind of champ you can expect as Zeri‘s successor. Riot featured Renata Glasc with an extensive backstory and her skills. Renata Glasc uses friendly fire to obliterate confused enemies. You can find all of her skills here:

Passive – Leverage: Renata’s basic attacks mark enemies and deal bonus damage. If allies attack marked enemies, they take the additional damage but the mark disappears.
Q – handshake: Renata’s robotic arm fires a projectile at her enemy. When activated again, Renata can throw the opponent in the targeted direction where enemies were hit and stunned if the enemy is a champion.
W – Bailout: Renata increases attack and movement speed on an allied champ or himself. If your ally defeats an enemy during this time, the buff duration is reset. If your ally is defeated during the buff, health will be restored to full but will start burning to death over 3 seconds. If you defeat an opposing champ during this time, the combustion will be stopped.
E – Loyalty Program: Renata fires Chemtech missiles that protect teammates while damaging and slowing down enemies.
R – Hostile Takeover: Using the R ability, Renata fires a cloud of chemistry that sends enemies into “Berserk” mode. Their attack speed is now increased and they attack everything in the area. In this order, they attack friendly allies first, then neutral units, then Renata Glasc’s team, and finally Renata herself.

With “Hostile Takeover” in particular, Renata can cause a lot of irritation and damage among enemies who don’t expect their allies to suddenly turn against them.

Character has a dark history

Who is Renata Glasc in the story? At the beginning of the year, Riot Games had already indicated several champions for LoL – including a “dark supporter” who is supposed to act as a malicious enchanter. She was supposed to represent a kind of counter-draft to the usually rather cheerful characters in the support area, a real “boss”, it was said at the time.

This new character now turns out to be Renata Glasc. She is described as a character with a dark history: her brilliant parents ran a small family alchemy business, ministering to the poor and sick. Renata herself was driven more by a business sense. But the parents’ charity was rewarded with a deadly attack by greedy clan chiefs, taking Renata her parents and her legacy. Renata, who had little time for altruism herself, now turned to the chemical business and built an empire that secretly continued to prosper.

She presented herself as a charitable figure, but at the same time pursued the plan to provide all residents of the area with materials from her Glasc works. What the customers didn’t know: that there was a secret compartment in all products that could release a gas that could break their will and put them in the service of Renata Glasc.

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