League of Legends: Players find the system awful

In League of Legends, players still have a problem with how Riot Games handles the situation when a teammate is afk for a long time at the start of a match or even leaves the match. There has been an option for a “remake” since 2016, but many players find it annoying because such nonsensical games are created in LoL that drag on for a long time.

What is the problem?

  • In normal matches and ranked matches from LoL it happens again and again that players either go afk very early, in the first minutes of a match, or cannot take part in the match due to connection problems.
  • In such a case, the LoL match is actually already lost for the team with the missing player and many find it pointless to continue playing if you are at such a disadvantage.
  • There is a way to end a game early in such a situation, but the “remake” system is felt to be inadequate.

Voting must be initiated manually – time windows are short

How does the system work? The “remake function” has made it possible since 2016 to start a vote from minute 3 to decide that the game should be interrupted:

  • The team has 60 seconds to type in “remake” in chat if a player is either inactive or disconnected – then a voting starts.
  • When voting, players have 30 seconds to vote yes or no.
  • If there are only 4 people left in a team, 2 must vote yes. If there are only 3 left in a team, a “yes” vote is sufficient.
  • A remake does not count as a win or a loss. The inactive player will be punished.

This is the criticism of the system: On reddit, a player has now spoken out against the system. He says: In such a case, if one or more players are missing, voting is simply unnecessary – in the event that one fails that early, matches should be repeated over and over again. Because voting is difficult, there is often someone missing who is in the game with friends (a “premade group”): The friends then wanted to protect him and would therefore vote “no”. Or the time window for the chat command / remake or the voting itself ran so fast that they couldn’t hear them all and therefore the remake didn’t take place.

When the match is over, the majority of the team would still happily exploit the situation of certain to win and expand and enjoy a completely pointless match up to 50 minutes. The thread creator says the system is a “terrible mechanic that has been implemented extremely poorly”.

Overwatch is named as a role model

So is the discussion: In fact, many see it the same way as the thread creator. The thread has over 470 comments and over 5,800 upvotes. They too are dissatisfied with the “choice” option for the remake. Mainly because the whole mechanics depend on seeing the message in the chat and then hastily initiating the process in order not to miss it. People wish, when there is already a vote, that it pops up automatically and one single vote is enough to end the vote.

A user says: “If you are a premade group of 5 and you know the AFK player is coming back and it’s okay with you, then let them play outnumbered. But as soon as a single player does not want to play 4 against 5 for the next 15-30 minutes, the game should be stopped because nobody deserves to play something like that in a video game. ”

Overwatch is given as a positive example: If someone leaves the match in the first minute, it just closes – and there is no way to stop it.

LoL is one of the most successful video games and 2021 had a strong year. You can also see this in the criticism that surgically addresses individual details, while in other games there are often big problems with the whole game, the criticism at LoL actually revolves around very specific decisions and supposed little things.

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