League of Legends: new game champion Zeri

League of Legends gets a new AD carry with Zeri. It has now been presented in more detail in a video. The style of play and the sound are very reminiscent of Jinx, only that she can easily jump over large walls in the jungle.

What kind of a champion is that? Zeri is a new ranged fighter from the Zaun region. It was accidentally leaked from Riot Games itself a few days ago. Now, however, the official introduction of Zeri took place. A video was also published in which their skills can also be seen. These look really strong at first glance and are also reminiscent of Jinx.

Zeri has a skill shot, lots of attack speed, and a strong dash

What can Zeri do? A precise description of their abilities is not yet available. However, you can already deduce a lot from the video.

  • Your auto attacks, for example, pierce through enemies and fan out into three beams. That could be her passive ability.
  • She has a dash, so a leap forward. This can either be charged or generally works in such a way that it can jump over walls, as you can see in the clip with Jinx.
  • She has an ability to destroy enemies’ shields and bestow one on herself, as can be seen in the clip with Urgot.
  • She has a skill shot that slows enemies down – similar to Jinx.
  • She has an AoE ability (possibly the Ultimate) that gives Zeri a buff on movement and attack speed herself.
  • The allies in the area may also be strengthened or the enemies weakened.

Her skills just suggest that Zeri could become a very flexible champion. In reddit, for example, the players speculate that they could also be used as an aggressive jungler due to the jump over walls. Their flexibility could also make them playable on the top or mid lane.

Why does Zeri remember Jinx? Zeri also comes from the Zaun region and uses a firearm that is reminiscent of the Jinx Gatling Gun. This is particularly evident when it comes to the sound. She also has a skill shot to slow enemies down, just like Jinx. That’s why some refer to her in reddit as “Jinx with yellow hair”.

How does the champion arrive? More mixed. Many expect Zeri to be too strong, especially in the first few weeks, as was the case with many other champions at release. You are bothered by the rich set of skills, after all, it has a dash, a shield and can slow down opponents. So it is very versatile. There is also criticism that it is strongly reminiscent of Neo, a character from Valorant. Nevertheless, many are also looking forward to the new ADC, also because it is so mobile and thus enables dynamic gameplay.

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