League of Legends: 3 new champions for 2022 after Zeri

Riot Games hinted at 3 new LoL Champs in the opening stream for the 2022 season of League of Legends. Those are the champs after the new hero Zeri. It should be a supporter, a jungler and a “non-traditional botlaner”.

What did you know about the next Champs in LoL so far?

In September 2022, LoL had suggested 2 new champs for 2022: a sniper and a supporter. That sparked some discussions back then. The sniper was supposed to bring a “shooter feeling” to LoL, he was introduced as a kinetic sniper with “sparkling conviction”. Today we know: This is the champion Zeri, who will be the first new champion to join LoL in 2022.

The other new champ was a “money, tech, and power” supporter. The supporter is a kind of mastermind who pulls the strings in the background. Supporter becomes an unusually malicious enchanter. This supporter is now also the first of the 3 new Champs suggested by Riot Games.

In the stream he was introduced as a new kind of “enchanter”. Enchanters are champions in LoL who are supposed to strengthen other champions and protect them from enemies. They are often relatively fragile themselves. Examples of enchanters in LoL are Janna, Karma, Lulu, Nami, Sona or Yuumi.

Most of these champions tend to be cheerful, colorful characters. The new champion, on the other hand, becomes darker and more vicious. He should also feel like a “boss”. The botlaners would always reap all the glory, and the supporter always pulls the strings. The new LoL champ should reflect that.

New jungler takes possession of poor LoL developer

We know that about the 2nd champ: When the lead champion producer Ryan Mireles was about to introduce the 2nd new champ for 2022, he apparently took possession of him and talked about a purple city and its empress. The character is apparently supposed to become a jungler – following a kind of “omnivorous empress”.

On reddit people think there’s a new “Void” boy coming. Champions like Cho’Gath, Kai’SA, Kha’zix or Kog’Maw belong to the void in LoL. These are the “monsters” of LoL. A Reddit user suspects it could be some kind of Kerrigan who wants to overrun the map with Voidling creatures.

“New, very mysterious botlaner”

We know that about the 3rd new champion: There is almost no information about him. It just means that it is a “new, very mysterious, non-traditional bot laner” that will come to LoL later in 2022.

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