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Insider says Battlefield 2042 could become Free2Play

The flood of bad news about Battlefield 2042 doesn’t seem to want to ebb. A well-known insider now claims that EA is also very dissatisfied – and could even turn the game’s entire business model upside down.

The latest Battlefield isn’t just having a hard time with the fans. Battlefield 2042 is apparently running so badly and is currently losing so many players that even the cheat providers have stopped supporting the game. The well-known insider Tom Henderson has now shared on Twitter that EA is also dissatisfied with the performance of the game. In a tweet he said:

EA is reportedly very disappointed with Battlefield 2042’s performance and is “assessing all options” when it comes to the title, including the possibility of some form of free-to-play.

Henderson has previously reported a lot of credible and accurate Battlefield news in advance. Nevertheless, this information is unofficial and should therefore be treated with caution. Accordingly, this is not yet a confirmation that Battlefield 2042 will be free-to-play.

Negative sentiment around Battlefield 2042 reaches critical proportions

The bad mood surrounding Battlefield 2042 existed even before release thanks to a disappointing beta. Even 3 months after the release, the negative news doesn’t end for DICE. The problems are coming from all directions: There has recently been a lot of attention for the sharp drop in player numbers, the impending closure of the subreddit and extraordinary repayments from Steam to unlucky players. The latest update, which changed the heavily criticized scoreboard, for example, did not satisfy the community either.

EA has already reacted in the past with major changes in the DICE executive floor. If the insider is right, EA tries to change course with more drastic methods. The payment model of the game itself could also experience a major change. It is currently not possible to assess whether this will happen. The return of Rush shows that not everything is bad at Battlefield 2042.

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