Kalashnikov stolen design

Indie developer accused Kalashnikov Group of the design stealing

In 2021, the Kalashnikov Group started accepting pre-orders for the MP-155 Ultima smart shotgun with a futuristic design and the ability to synchronize with mobile devices. Indie studio WardB claims that the MP-155 Ultima design was stolen from its game Oceanic.

WardB studio CEO said in an interview to IGN that the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov stole the Mastodon shotgun design from the game. The developers were negotiating with a Russian company: a representative contacted them, told them that the manufacturer liked the design of their weapons and offered cooperation to release a genuine version of Mastodon.

The studio said they were promised a logo on the weapon, to send three shotguns to the office and all the credits for the design. When the time came to sign the contract, the Kalashnikov company cut all ties.

Then the weapon manufacturer released its shotgun called MP-155 Ultima. The marketing company says that video games inspire him. However, on the Russian website, there is not a word about it.

kalashnikov mp 155
The Kalashnikov Group MP-155 Ultima
oceanic mastodon
The Mastodon shotgun from Oceanic

Easy to note the weapon’s design is similar in general details but quite different in features. The CEO also stated the strange behaviour of the Kalashnikov Group: they wanted to buy the rights to weapons from an ArtStation artist instead of the studio, but the rights were sold to the Escape from Tarkov game, in which the shotgun had already appeared.

Kalashnikov notes that the deal fell through since the studio allegedly did not have clear rights to weapons design.

The game will be a futuristic shooter with RPG and RTS elements, and the events will unfold in the 2200s.

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