Icarus survival gets an update with new missions

The survival action game Icarus developers have presented a fresh update for the game with new missions and more.

In the first mission, AGRICULTURE: Supply Stockpile, players will have to deliver raw materials to the orbital station, having previously filled them with supply containers. As for the second mission, CLUSTERED: Extended Survey, there is a need to conduct a long-term study of a particular area – for this, you need to find, deploy and protect several scanning devices.

Continuing our pattern of regular content updates, our two new prospects encourage you to leave the safety of your base and traverse Icarus’ wilderness. One is accessible earlier in the game while the other suits more experienced characters equipped to weather the worst storms.

Icarus Steam Page

The update also brought many fixes for common bugs.

Note that the opinion of users about Icarus is still ambiguous – there is little content and a lot of bugs. The second update was released last week, but that was not enough.

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