Icarus gives its players a little Christmas miracle

In keeping with the festival of love, the creators of the survival MMO Icarus (PC) have come up with something nice: All characters who have stayed behind on a mission or who died from bugs are revived.

What is Icarus anyway and how do you play it? Icarus is set in a future in which the earth is no longer habitable. Humans have tried to create a second habitable earth and have failed miserably. Instead, a toxic planet “Icarus” was created, on which other living beings exist, but which is extremely dangerous for humans.

Now you have to descend as a chosen one on this planet in order to collect new rare matter. To do this, you land a ship on Icarus in every game session and have a certain amount of time that you can spend there. The timer continues even if you are not playing. You must therefore return to your ship in good time, otherwise you will be left behind and your character will die. However, dying is taken literally in Icarus. The character can then no longer be used and you have to start from scratch. All skills, talents and levels on your hero are gone.

Developers show mercy at Christmas: 64,000 heroes revived

“Merry Christmas, your characters left behind have been revived!” Says the title of the article from the Icarus makers, RocketWerkz. Since some players complained, RocketWerkz worked on a tool so that the lost characters can be revived, the post says. They called on the players to start Icarus and check the character selection to see if they were seeing a familiar face again.

A total of 64,000 figures were revived. The developers wrote in the post that it hurts if you only lose a character because of bugs in the game or because servers went down while you were actually on a mission. Furthermore, RocketWerkz takes the blame, saying that they probably hadn’t communicated clearly enough that characters are truly lost forever if they were left on Icarus. Should a player have further questions about the process or lost characters, the developers would be ready to talk to the affected player in the Discord at any time. They also added that specially deleted characters cannot be revived. In addition, the resuscitation campaign is something unique for those people who may have lost their hero due to bugs and other errors in Icarus. Thanks to hotfixes and patches, these errors should now be eliminated.

This is what the players say about the Christmas miracle on Steam

Under the post, the players thank you for the action and appreciate it. A few of them said that they actually forgot to log in and that mission time was running out. Others did not benefit from the mass resuscitation themselves, but celebrated this little Christmas miracle anyway. It is not a matter of course. Some posts demanded to abolish perma-death entirely and simply to lose what one achieved on the respective mission.

They don’t think it’s fair that the missions keep running when you’re not playing. You would be punished for not logging into the game. That would not be the right way for a survival game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play Icarus.

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