Horizon Forbidden West: First gameplay from the PS4 Pro

Sony and Guerrilla Games reveal first gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro. This gives you a foretaste of the graphic qualities of the action role-playing game on the previous PS5 console about a month before the release. Among other things, the videos provide an insight into the way of life of the Utaru tribe. At the same time, the developers are announcing the gold status: Nothing should stand in the way of a timely release of Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West has gone gold, Guerrilla Games announced on the PlayStation Blog. With that, the main work is complete, the action role-playing game is ready for publication. “This means we’re ready to reproduce and distribute the game – and ready for you to experience Aloy’s journey to the Forbidden West first-hand in less than a month,” the developers said. Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled for release on February 18th. The action role-playing game will be released for PS4 and PlayStation 5.

First game scenes from the PS4 Pro

The developers have also published the first video snippets on the PlayStation Blog, showing Horizon Forbidden West for the first time on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Around a month before the release, you have the opportunity to take a look at the PS4 gameplay and graphics. One of the clips shows the way of life of the Utaru tribe in the “massive, thatched towers built on top of old-world radar dishes – serene yet defensible”.

You also get to see the agile climbing jaws that keep you on your toes. “Do you remember the thornbacks from our announcement trailer? They represent a worthy opponent, especially in herds,” writes Guerrilla Games, referring to the clip placed above. The website Everyeye put the three snippets together and published them on YouTube.

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