Hearthstone revamps its most popular mode

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode is getting a major overhaul. Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode has transformed from a small side mode to a real long-running staple since its implementation. Apparently, the developers want to keep the mode fresh, so they’re bringing a pretty big innovation that affects every hero in the game. In the future you can call a “Buddy” servant who is supposed to turn the game upside down.

What will change? A lot, because each hero basically gets a new ability, the so-called “Buddy”. This is a minion that, in most cases, interacts with the hero’s ability. A few of these buddy minions have already been featured, so you can get a sense of their strength. As an example, there is King Mukla with his buddy “Crazy Monkey”. This ensures that if a servant is strengthened by a banana, he also gets +1 / +1 again. The golden version of the monkey then gives +2 / +2 instead.

Patchwerk, on the other hand, gets a weebomination with an interesting battle cry. The grants another minion +1 Health for each missing Health point of the hero. Since Patchwerk already has a lot of life points and likes to lose them at the beginning of the game, this could create a really powerful servant. Incidentally, the gold version increases this bonus to +2 life per missing life point of Patchwerk.

How do you get a buddy? Unlike all other minions in Battlegrounds, you cannot buy Buddies directly from Bob. Instead, you have a “Buddy Meter” that slowly fills up as the match progresses. After the first stage you get one copy of the buddy, after the second stage you get two more copies, so you get a gold buddy (if you didn’t sell the first one).

The “Buddy Meter” fills up a little with the following actions:

  • Deal damage to opponents
  • Destroy god shields from enemies
  • Enter the fight (passive)
  • Win or draw in a fight

Gradually the display fills up until you have your buddies.

Why is Battlegrounds so popular? Basically, Battlegrounds is Hearthstone’s attempt to create their own auto-battler – and it was extremely well received. The mode is quite popular in the community and many content creators play this game mode almost exclusively.

There are several reasons for this. The most important is probably that Battlegrounds is the only mode in which free players have almost completely equal chances. You don’t need any cards, and you earn whatever you need as the round progresses. On top of that, Battlegrounds isn’t connected to the game’s current meta at all. You don’t have to fight the same decks over and over again here, as certain minion types are locked out at the start of each game. By skilful buying you can also ruin the necessary combos of other players and thus have an additional, tactical element.

This also ensures the last plus point, the variety. Almost every game plays differently and the numerous, different heroes all have different tricks and tricks to influence the game. The changes will likely go live over the next few days.

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