Hearthstone nerfs 6 classes, but the mage gets buff

Lots of changes are happening in Hearthstone. Many classes are getting weaker – but the mage is significantly improved. The release of the expansion “Fractured in Alterac Valley” was only 2 weeks ago in Hearthstone. But the developers are apparently already dissatisfied with the balance, because a first patch has now been released. A total of 13 cards have been changed. Most of the changes are nerfs, but mages in particular can look forward to it.

What kind of nerfs are there? A lot. 6 classes get attenuations to make their most successful decks a little less effective. The druid spell “Celestial Alignment” becomes more expensive. The mana cost increases from 7 to 8, which means that the spell can only be used later.

The paladin servant “Standard Bearer of the Alliance”, who both draws a servant and gives + 1 / + 1 to all servants in hand, loses one life point. By losing his life point, he is vulnerable to most hero abilities and can be more easily eliminated.

Rogues have to accept a weakening of the “Efficient Octo-bot”. In the future, it costs 3 mana and no longer just 2. Therefore, it can be used later and used efficiently in fewer combos.

The shaman servant “snowfall guardian” has proven to be too strong. Not only does he freeze all other servants, he also receives + 1 / + 1 for each frozen servant. In the future he will only do this for 6 mana and no longer for 5 mana.

The warlock spell “Touch of the Nathrezim” is also weakening, if only minimally. Healing if the servant is killed has been reduced from 4 to 3 life points.

But mages have to suffer even more. The “runic mithril rod” will be more expensive in the future, its mana cost will increase from 4 to 5. As a result, it can only be played out later and therefore only become relevant in the advanced game.

Warriors have to get by with a weaker “bloodsail deckhand”. It loses a point of life and is therefore susceptible to hero skills and weaker servants or spells in the future.

The neutral servant “Iron deep trogg” will also be adjusted. Instead of summoning a copy of this dies when the opponent casts a spell, another trogg is summoned instead. This means that the called trogg no longer takes over the values ​​of the other card and comes in its standard version of 1/2. The neutral servant “Constructor of Mo’arg” has received a further adjustment. His mana cost increases by 1, but he also receives a life point for it. Ultimately, however, this should reduce the devastating combo potential of some life theft and area spells.

What kind of buffs are there? When it comes to buffs, mages are the big winners, but hunters can also get a little help. 3 cards of the magician are improved. The gray-wise parrot, a servant of the mage, is adjusted. Instead of having 8 mana and 6/6 as values, it will now only cost 6 mana and have values ​​of 4/5. Since his battle cry is really valuable – after all, a spell is repeated that has cost 5 mana or more – this is a clear buff.

The “Magister Twilight Grasp” mage hero card is also getting better. Its cost drops to 7 and at the same time the new hero ability gets better. Instead of just 1 damage, it now deals 2 damage by default. The third adaptation in the mage is wildfire. Instead of “increasing the damage of the hero ability by 1”, the card now has the addition “in this game”. This means that the bonus is retained even if you change hero skills – for example with Magister Twilight. There is one final buff for the Hunter’s Hero Card, Beast Hunter Tavish. The new ability “Summon Companion” gained by the hero is reduced from 3 mana to 2 mana.

What are the effects of the nerfs? It will probably only be possible to say with certainty in the course of the next few days. So far it looks like the changes have mainly improved mages, who will be represented much more frequently from now on. Other classes, such as warrior, warlock or druid, already have very solid decks that have become a little weaker due to the adjustments.

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