God of War Ragnarök: Will the game come to the PC alongside PS5 and PS4?

Thanks to the huge success of the PC version of God of War shortly after its release, many are wondering if the sequel game Gof of War: Raganrök will also get a PC port. In an interview, God of War creative director Cory Barlog answers this question and whether Sony will release the follow-up title for the PC. The PC version of God of War has smashed some records since its release last week. And the title has also taken the Steam charts by storm and knocked long-standing games off the throne. But what about its successor title? Is Sony planning a PC port for God of War: Ragnarok? Santa Monica Studio‘s producer Cory Barlog thinks it’s possible.

PC ports on the rise

Many exclusive console titles from Sony have already made it to the PC. In recent years, the publisher has massively expanded its contingent in this direction. After Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, 2018’s God of War is the latest Playstation game to receive a PC port.

God of War seems to be as successful on home computers as it is on consoles. Many are now wondering if the upcoming sequel to the masterpiece will eventually be released for the PC. The question was also officially asked in an online Game Informer magazine interview with Santa Monica Studio producer Cory Barlog.

Cory Barlog has worked on several God of War titles. He served as creative director for 2007’s God of War 2 and 2018’s God of War. He is the producer for the follow-up God of War: Ragnarök, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

Will there be a PC port for God of War: Ragnarok?

When asked if Ragnarök will get the same treatment as its predecessor, Barlog replied that nothing has been decided at the moment, as Sony is proceeding game-by-game when it comes to releasing PC ports. This means that Sony decides depending on the success of the game.

“Right now we’re going game by game, we look at each one and we’re like, ‘Okay, that’s the best thing’ and then we see how it goes. Are people enjoying it? Did we do it right? Is there something we did wrong? What can we do better in the future if we do it again? But ultimately it’s Sony’s decision.”

In the same interview, Barlog also spoke about how first-party Playstation studios like Santa Monica Studio had collectively pushed Sony to allow PC ports of PS4 titles. If God of War: Ragnarök is as big a success as Kratos and Atreus’ first great adventure, then nothing should stand in the way of a PC version. God of War: Ragnarok is currently scheduled for release in 2022 for the PS5 and PS4.

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