Genshin Impact: about Patch 2.5 – leaks, release, characters

Patch 2.5 from Genshin Impact is expected to arrive on February 16. The official livestream with detailed information will probably only take place at the beginning of February.

Genshin Impact hasn’t reported much about Patch 2.5 yet, as the previous patch won’t be released until January 5th, but they have already released a future new playable character: Yae Miko.

Who is Yae Miko? Yae Miko is the shrine maiden of the Narukami Shrine in Inazuma. She also has a fox shape and is the eternal friend of the almighty Raiden Shogun. She is also the head of a publisher who publishes books. Yae Miko will very likely have a 5-star character and an electric element.

Leaks about the upcoming gacha banners in patch 2.5

Which heroes are coming with Patch 2.5? The rumors about Ayato Kamisato hold up well, but it doesn’t seem like he will appear in Genshin Impact in patch 2.5. Instead, several leakers have now published the references to the new heroine Yae Miko and the rerun for Kazuha Kaedehara.

The previously trustworthy leaker Ubatcha1 spoke about the fact that Kazuha and Raiden Shogun should get a rerun because they play a role in the story in Patch 2.5 (via Twitter). Tartaglia had recently received a rerun because it was relevant to the story. So this is definitely not improbable. Leaker Sukuna also tweeted that Kazuha, Raiden, and Yae should be available in Patch 2.5.

Another leak also promises named characters (via reddit). In addition, there should be 2 new weapons in the gacha banners. If you go after the reddit leak, the upcoming gacha banners should look like this:

  • February 16 – March 8: Reruns of Kazuha Kaedehara and Raiden Shogun + grass clippings and new unknown weapon
  • March 8th – March 29th: New character Yae Miko

The leak even speaks of the banners in 2.6 that contain Yoimiya and Kokomi as the rerun and Ayato Kamisato as the new heroes. Furthermore, there should be a new two-handed sword and the wind hawk in the weapons banner. Ubatcha1 also spoke on Twitter about a two-handed man who is supposed to get support skills.

What else was leaked?

There should be new skins: There should be new skins for Diluc and Fischl (via reddit). However, it is not explained whether the skins will be available in Patch 2.5 or at a later point in time. Ubatcha1 also made a statement about skins for moon city characters (via Twitter), so it makes the leak more likely.

There should be a free weapon: According to the leaker Ubatcha1, there should be a free catalyst, it is unclear whether it is a 4 or 5 star weapon.

New weekly boss: Another weekly boss is added in Genshin Impact, at least Ubatcha1 is relatively sure about that, he described on Twitter.

Since patch 2.4 will appear soon, you can expect more leaks after the preload. In the week of January 3rd to 9th, some new information will drop.

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