Forspoken is the first AAA game for $70/€80 on Steam

Square Enix has opened pre-orders for the action-adventure Forspoken from the Luminous Productions studio.

Unusually high prices on Steam marked the game: apparently, Square Enix perceives Forspoken as a new generation project. Obviously, the new generation in terms of graphics and gameplay features and the price.

In Europe, the price for Forspoken is €79.99; as a rule, AAA games are sold on Steam for €59.99. The price in the USA is also higher than usual: instead of $59.99, Forspoken is offered for pre-order for $69.99.

Prices in Eastern Europe are even higher than in the USA. For example, in Russia, Forspoken is sold for 5719 rubles (about $78), the Ukrainian version will cost 2199 hryvnia (more than $81), the Polish one costs 339 zloty (about $82). It is noteworthy that the PlayStation Store game also costs about $78.

The cheapest PC version of Forspoken is sold in Argentina and Turkey: in terms of national currencies, the game costs about $40 and $51, respectively. The most expensive Forspoken copy is in Israel – it costs about $103.

Of course, players reacted to the pricing of Forspoken without enthusiasm. Square Enix did not explain how the decision on the cost of the game was made.

Forspoken is slated to release on May 24, 2022, on PC and PlayStation 5.

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