Former EA boss unveils new co-op shooter Arc Raiders

At the Game Awards 2021, Embark Studios presented their new co-op shooter Arc Raiders. The first scenes could be seen in a trailer. Numerous former employees of Battlefield developer DICE are involved in the development, including Patrick Söderlund, a former EA boss.

What is Ark Raiders? This is going to be a free co-op shooter from the relatively young Embark Studios. These were founded by a former EA boss and former DICE Vice President Patrick Söderlund. There are several other former DICE employees and Battlefield developers on board.

Arc Raiders is a third-person shooter with a sci-fi setting. The players set out in groups to dismantle giant enemy robots. These machines come to earth from space in endless hordes and the players are the last line of defense. You slip into the role of a raider and can use various weapons and gadgets. For example, you can pull yourself up on the huge opponents with a grappling hook, or you can use it to disturb them in their movement. The game is supposed to support teamwork and offers corresponding gameplay mechanics.

When is the Arc Raiders release? So far, only the coming year 2022 has been specified as the release period. The studio plans to reveal more information in the coming months.

This is what the boss says about Arc Raiders: The co-op shooter will be the development studio’s first big game. Three years ago, after the company was founded, they started with “a blank canvas” and Arc Raiders emerged from the ideas.

With this reveal, we want to celebrate gameplay and give players more than just an indication of what ARC Raiders looks like and what it feels like to play it. After all, that’s the most important thing in a co-op action game like ARC Raiders.

First reactions positive – “is now the game I’m looking forward to the most”. The first trailer is definitely going down very well with the players. This is how the players react on YouTube: Many commentators are enthusiastic about the first trailer. They praise the game’s art design and graphical quality. In addition, the scenes make you want to try out the game. The decision for a Free2Play model is also particularly well received.

Here are some excerpts from the comments on YouTube: Jean-luc Dinello: “This is now the game I’m looking forward to the most. […] I can’t wait to see what this team of artists can do without being constrained by an already established franchise. Free2play was also a wise choice. I really can’t wait. ”
jordanXbrookes: “To be honest, I’m really excited about the game. Looks fun and is graphically beautiful, AND IS IT FREE TO PLAY? ”
Andres TellO: “I didn’t expect that, oh my god, that was … ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! The BEST reveal on the show, can’t wait to sign up! ”
kikyfreaky: “Everything in this trailer screams for the DICE that I know and love. Thank you for that, Embark Studios. That’s so damn cool! I can hardly wait for the next year. ” And so it continues. Arc Raiders seems to have made a good first impression.

On which platforms does Arc Raiders appear? The game will initially be released for PC on Steam, in the Epic Games Store and for GeForce Now.

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