Former developers of BioWare bring a new survival game

Nightingale is a new survival game for the PC from former developers at BioWare. It should appear in 2022; the first tests will start in the coming months.

This is Nightingale: The survival game takes you into a Victorian fantasy world (“Gaslamp Fantasy”), in which you slip into the role of a realmwalker. In this world, humanity is threatened with a magical catastrophe, and to escape it, you set out on a journey through a maze of many worlds to find a place where human beings can survive: Nightingale.

But you are not alone in these worlds. Monstrous creatures and the nightmarish fae will make your life difficult and you have to prove your skills in combat, crafting and building to be able to stand against them. The game is being developed by the “SpatialOS wonder company” Improbable and Inflexion Games, whose employees used to work at the RPG company BioWare.

The developers call Nightingale “Gaslamp Fantasy”. It’s a sub-genre that combines both fantasy and historical elements. It is often confused with steampunk, which has a greater focus on science. It’s more of an alternative Victorian setting mixed with fairies and magic.

What does the gameplay offer? Since Nightingale is a survival game for PC, it’s all about surviving in the harsh world that you share with other players. The developers provide you with an extensive crafting system that enables you to manufacture tools, weapons and armor.

You can use the tools and weapons to defend yourself against the monsters and fae while you explore the multitude of different worlds that become more and more dangerous the further you advance. They offer you different biomes such as classic forests, swamps and deserts.

You can also use the tools made to build houses and settlements where you can retreat and defend yourself from enemies. It will also be possible to grow fruits and vegetables. You can team up with other players at settlements in order to storm the portals into the unknown worlds together.

Will there be PvP too? There is currently no information on whether there will also be possible PvP modes or even open PvP. The focus of the game seems to be more on crafting and building houses and settlements together. It would therefore theoretically be a game that fans of survival and PvE should keep an eye on. Although Nightingale doesn’t have a set release date yet, it is expected to be released for PC in 2022.

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