FIFA 22: TOTY’s 11 winners

In FIFA 22, Team of the Year is coming up. What is TOTY? The best players of the year end up in the “Team of the Year”, which is published with extremely improved cards in Ultimate Team. The TOTY is chosen by the fans – players decide which cards should ultimately be represented in the TOTY.

When does the TOTY start? A new loading screen in FUT announces the start for Friday evening, January 21st. A voting phase last ran, which ended on January 18, 2022. A countdown was then started on the FIFA 22 Instagram channel announcing the presentation of the Team of the Year on Thursday 20 January. That point has now arrived – and the 11 players in the Team of the Year are officially known.

Here are the 11 players in the FIFA 22 TOTY

These players are in: EA Sports announced the official Team of the Year on social media.

  • Mbappe (97)
  • Lewandowski (98)
  • Messi (98)
  • De Bruyne (96)
  • Jorginho (97)
  • Kanté (96)
  • João Cancelo (94)
  • Ruben Dias (97)
  • Marquinhos (95)
  • Hakimi (93)
  • Donnarumma (96)

However, only the names and total values ​​are known so far. We will probably have to wait for the official start of the event for the individual detailed values. But one thing is already certain: the TOTY cards are among the best in the game. In the past, TOTY players were released in stages over several days. That will probably be the case again this year. The attackers are scheduled to start on Friday.

What else does Team of the Year bring to FIFA 22?

The TOTY players usually just end up in the FIFA 22 packs, which also leads to criticism. Because: The cards are not only very rare and difficult to get, but also damn expensive on the transfer market. You could also see this with streamers who opened an extremely large number of packs in order to ultimately hardly get any TOTY cards. Getting a TOTY card for the release is therefore an impossibility for many players.

What else could come? A look into the past shows that the TOTY event can also contain other content in addition to the starting eleven. The form in which this will take place this year is, however, speculative. However, many FIFA events are often based on their role models from previous years.

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