FIFA 22: TOTW 17 brings two really strong defenders

What is TOTW? Each week, EA puts 23 players in the Team of the Week who have shone with strong performances on the real soccer fields. These players then receive so-called “inform cards” in which the values ​​are increased. What is also new in FUT 22 is that there is also a “Featured” card, the boost of which is stronger than with the normal TOTW cards.

How to get TOTW cards: If you’re lucky, you can draw Inform cards from packs. Alternatively, the cards are also available on the FUT transfer market, although they can be quite expensive. Our tips will tell you how to get the coins you need.

This is TOTW 17: In the new Team of the Week 17, two really strong defenders stand out: Brazilian meta defender Marquinhos (89) and Frenchman Hernández (87). Both receive really strong Inform cards that offer top values.

Serie A in particular will receive 3 more strong inform cards this week with Bastoni (87), Milinkovic-Savic (87) and Berardi (86). This week’s feature player is Ünder from Marseille, who gets a significant upgrade from 77 to 84.

TOTW 17 Start players:

TH: Aitor (83)
IV: Marquinhos (89)
LV: Hernandez (87)
IV: Bastoni (87)
RAV: Lainer (83)
CM: Milinkovic-Savic (87)
CDM: Tchouameni (84)
CM: Bellingham (84)
Extended Version: Oyarzabal (87)
RF: Berardi (86)
ST: Andre Silva (86)

TOTW 17 bank:

TH: Benitez (83)
LAV: Room (82)
RV: Hector Bellerin (82)
RM: Puertas (82)
ST: Ajorque (82)
RF: Underdog (84)
MS: Caprira (81)
LV: Poor (70)
ZOOM: Licoln (79)
ST: Ndiaye (77)
ST: Dani Escriche (75)
Extended Version: Song Wenjie (67)

The Bundesliga in TOTW 17

Who is there from the Bundesliga? This week, 4 players from the Bundesliga are represented in the TOTW.

BVB’s Jude Bellingham gets his second inform card in FUT 22, which gets decent upgrades in dribbling as well as shooting. Leipzig attacker André Silva has strong shooting and dribbling skills. Unfortunately, its Tempo value still leaves a lot to be desired. Stefan Lainer receives a decent RV card, which can score especially with speed and physique. David Raum from VfL Bochum has one thing above all to offer: speed. But the other values ​​are also exciting, so that you can find a solid left defender here.

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