FIFA 22: FUT Captains starts today – what does the new event bring?

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the new event “FUT Captains” will start on Friday, April 8th, 2022.

When is FUT Captains running? The new event starts on April 8th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m., i.e. at the usual event time. The loading screen already gives some clues as to what to expect. On the one hand, “Team 1” has already been announced – which means that we will also have a “Team 2” in a week.

In addition, the screen already shows the new card designs. Here you can distinguish between two versions:

  • The left “Captains” card, which also adorns the small “FUT Heroes” icon – at the very top, at the top of the card. This is a hint that we could probably get new versions of some Heroes cards.
  • Next to it is another Captains card, but without a hero icon. Accordingly, there will also be cards that are not connected to the heroes.

These cards are expected to be available in FIFA 22 packs starting Friday night. As with the last events, however, there are already leaks that contain some content of the FUT Captain promo. If you want to be surprised, you should not continue reading here, but only come back as soon as the event has officially started.

What do leaks say about FUT Captains?

This is what leaks show: Various leakers on Twitter are already showing what kind of content you can expect during the promo. One of them is “FUT Sheriff” – an account that has had a lot of hits with its predictions in the past.

The Captains content is primarily:

  • Improved hero cards that will come with extremely powerful stats.
  • Improved cards for certain players who take on the role of captain in their clubs.

As a reminder, the hero cards always belong to a specific league and create perfect links to players in those leagues. The heroes are players from yesteryear, such as Mario Gomez. However, not all hero cards will probably be included in the promo, only selected players.

Which cards should come? Numerous captains are already brought into play by FUT Sheriff. These include, for example, Hugo Lloris from Tottenham, Marcelo from Real Madrid or Ben Yedder from Monaco and Marco Reus from Dortmund. All of these cards are designed to have extremely strong stats across the board. In addition, there will be numerous icon SBCs throughout the promo.

However, keep in mind that these are only leaks, not official information. It is therefore possible that the promo will end up being designed completely differently and bring different maps. What is certain, however, is that strong special cards will come into play in one way or another.

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