FIFA 22: a new event with “Versus” started

A brand new event is just around the corner in FIFA 22 with “Versus”. You can find out everything about the new promo with the teams “Versus Fire” and “Versus Ice” here.

Actually, the FUT community was expecting the winter freeze event to be announced, but EA surprised everyone with “Versus”, a completely new event that is still very reminiscent of the freeze cards from last year in terms of design. So there will be no classic FUTmas event for the second time.

Update, December 10th, 2021 – What kind of event is this? Meanwhile, more information about “Versus” is known. There will be two teams – the “Versus Fire” and “Versus Ice” team. Apparently the same players will be in both teams – but with different boosts in each case. There should always be two unique, permanent upgrades and different item designs.

The Versus Fire Team ends up in the FIFA 22 packs on the evening of December 10th at 7:00 p.m. The Ice Team will follow on Monday, December 13th.

Versus “Team Fire” with Gabriel Jesus, Rashford, Valverde

These players are there: Versus “Team Fire” has some cards that look damn strong. These include improved versions of both offensive and defensive players.

ST: Gabriel Jesus (89)
LM: Rashford (88)
CM: Valverde (87)
IV: Koundé (87)
RF: Adama Traoré (86)
ST: Correa (86)
IV: Gomez (86)
CM: Pereyra (85)
Course: Schulz (85)
RV: Mbabu (85)
ZOM: Claude-Maurice (84)

Special SBCs at the Versus Event

What else ends up in the event? In addition to the two teams, there will also be special SBCs and weekly tasks in the course of the promo. There is talk of “iconic opponents” and “derby showdowns”, which are supposed to bring famous rivalries to the fore. By the way, one of the players who will be part of the promo is Christian Pulisic.

When does the event start? According to the loading screen, the new Versus Promo starts on December 10th at 7:00 p.m. in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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