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Epic Games Store will feature gift cards in the future

Epic Games has been very slow to update the Epic Games Store and add essential features. However, the company is transparent about its work.

The Trello page lists features that have been launched recently, then what’s coming soon, as well as features planned for the future. The Epic Games Store has a new add-to-cart feature following a recent update.

What’s next?

Steam has gift cards: you can give a friend a voucher for a certain amount to be credited to his account. It is possible that such a system will appear in the Epic Games Store in the future, but the store will have to do a lot of work first.

Basically, says Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, Epic Games Store developers don’t mind creating a card system. It all hinges on an economic model focused on high-commission platforms.

This is something we want to do eventually but it will take a lot of effort to make the economics work because most of those gift cards are built on high-margin platforms like Steam’s 30%.

Tim Sweeney

Apparently, Sweeney is referring to overhead. When a player buys a gift card on Steam for a conditional 60 USD, he pays exactly this amount; it is received by the person to whom the card is intended. However, when paying, various commissions of payment systems are taken – usually at the level of 2-3%.

In the case of Steam, Valve takes care of payments to payment systems: the company can afford it thanks to the higher commission withheld from developers. Apparently, in the case of the Epic Games Store, this model does not work due to the lower commission.

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