EA confirms 3 new Star Wars games

In a press release, EA confirmed that they are currently working on three new “Star Wars” games. Although everyone shares the same license, different genres are addressed.

It refers to:

  • A strategy game
  • A first person shooter
  • A single player RPG

The single player game will be the continuation of the Star Wars Jedi series, so probably Jedi Fallen Order 2. The name has not yet been confirmed. A release date or time window has not been officially confirmed either. However, insider Jason Schreier reveals via Twitter that at least the next Fallen Order title should be released this year or next.

Who is working on the titles? The developer Respawn Entertainment, who has already made Fallen Order and is also responsible for Titanfall and Apex Legends, is responsible for the single-player RPG. Stig Amussen is to lead the project, which he already did for Fallen Order and God of War 3 at that time. Respawn is also said to be working on the new first-person shooter. Peter Hirschmann, who previously worked on Star Wars: Battlefront and The Force Unleashed, is responsible for this project.

However, it is currently not known whether this is a single or multiplayer game. However, a job posting for one of the “Star Wars” games is looking for a developer who can develop “cross-platform” environments. They are also looking for a person who can guarantee fast action in exciting levels. This should ensure that the shooter will play as fast and loaded as Titanfall and Apex Legends.

A leak two weeks ago announced a single-player shooter with the “Star Wars” license and seems to be correct so far, but has nothing to do with this announcement. Industry insider Jason Schreier confirmed that it appears to be another project in the “Star Wars” universe.

The strategy game is implemented by the new Studio Bit Reactor. This studio was newly founded and is led by Greg Foertsch, who previously served as art director for XCOM 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Former Fireaxis developers who worked on the Civilizations series also work on the team.

When are the games coming? There is currently no time period or even a date known for the titles. The only thing that is certain is that the games will appear and that alone seems to please many fans. However, the well-informed insider Jason Schreier claims on Twitter that at least the single-player RPG should come as early as this year or next and is quite advanced in its development. According to him, the other two titles are still years away and the announcements are more about finding more staff for the games. However, there is no official statement from EA on release periods.

The community thinks it’s good – if there wasn’t one thing

What is the mood? People seem happy about the announcement of the games. Above all, the strategy game and the successor to Fallen Order makes for a lot of happiness in the comments. However, there is one thing that worries the players and dampens the mood a bit, and that is the shooter.

Some fans are also looking forward to the “Star Wars” shooter, which comes with similarly good gun and gameplay as Apex Legends and Titanfall, but the latter in particular hits many people. Some fans of the Titanfall series have been patiently waiting for Titanfall 3 for years.

The announcements of so many titles in the Star Wars universe makes the hope of the implementation of a Titanfall 3 disappear for many fans and at least the next few years things are looking bad for the titan shooter. Also, unsurprisingly, “people close to the project” told news site Venturebeat that with this announcement, Battlefront 3 is almost dead as EA moves all Star Wars projects to Respawn. This also makes some fans sad.

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