Crysis 4 officially announced: legendary shooter series continues

First there was only one leak, but now it’s a fact: Crytek is working on the first-person shooter Crysis. The development studio based in Frankfurt has published a short teaser via Twitter, which is intended to set the mood for the new action game. There have been several rumors about another game in the Crysis shooter series. But the time of speculation is now over, because the developer studio Crytek has let the cat out of the bag and officially announced Crysis 4.

Crysis 4 is in the development

The Frankfurt-based team released a short teaser video via Twitter to introduce the new Crysis game. However, there isn’t really much to see in it. The design hints at the use of nanotechnology, which has always played an important role in the shooter series. In addition, a large “4” appears at the end of the video, which can probably be seen as the final reference to Crysis 4. However, the teaser does not reveal concept images or even real gameplay scenes. So far, Crytek has also held back with specific details about the new first-person shooter. The tweet contains only a short introductory text: “It’s time to join the journey and be a hero.”

Speculations about Crysis 4

Logically, this leaves a lot of room for rumors and theories. In what setting does Crysis 4 play? What characters are you expecting? In January of last year, there were first indications that allowed the conclusion of a kind of sandbox shooter.

However, the development studio Crytek had never taken a position on it or even delivered a confirmation. For better or for worse, fans will therefore have to wait until the detailed presentation of Crysis 4. This should not be long in coming after the release of the teaser.

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