Chernobylite gets free new update Ghost Town

The creators of the post-apocalyptic shooter Chernobylite from the Polish studio Farm 51 Team congratulated the players on Christmas. They announced the release of a new free update for the game.

In the Ghost Town add-on, players will be able to travel to the previously inaccessible residential area of ​​Pripyat, explore its surroundings, and fight monsters. Now they have access to 3 new side missions and 3 quests for hunting monsters. The location was recreated based on the results of an accurate 3D scan of this area.

The DLC will also update the lighting in some game locations, where, according to the developers, it was too rough. It will bring changes to the appearance of the nuclear power plant and fix a number of bugs.

In addition to the free Ghost Town, a paid set of Deadly Frost Pack weapon skins has been added to the game.

Chernobylite is now available on GOG and Steam with a 24% discount.

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