Captain of Industry

Captain of Industry will hit Steam Early Access in the first quarter of 2022 

Developers from Mafi Games presented the new game Captain of Industry, which brings you closer to the realism of ruling your private island. 

While many games offer unlimited resources, Captain of Industry will present players with a fair approach to the truth about mother nature, where resources are not limitless, and even water can not be taken for granted.


Primary Goal in Captain of Industry

After the global crisis, when everything you knew was eradicated from the planet Earth, you land on a deserted island with the most responsible task of creating a sustainable industrial society. 

As a captain, you must gather workers who will develop and build industry for you and your people. Of course, you will need some villagers first. So it would be best if you made a lighthouse to attract refugees to your island and build a prosperous society. 

However, population management is just the beginning. When you have a workforce, the time comes for development and construction. As a leader, you must manage the mining of resources to build factories, set up oil towers, and launch power plants. At the same time, do not forget about feeding your people, so consider creating a farm. 

Captain of Industry makes you struggle the real sense of time passing by and its impact, whether it is a change in climate, the level of pollution, or the aging of your equipment. In Captain of Industry, your work never ends with searching for the most effective way to use and replenish your resources.


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