Blizzard announces the development of a new survival game for PC and console

Mike Ybarra recently promised to “unveil some exciting things” at Blizzard: the studio has announced that it is recruiting the team for a survival game that will be distributed on PC and console.

A few days ago, Mike Ybarra sent an open letter to Blizzard employees and gamers assuring them that his “top priority” now is to “restore confidence in Blizzard. To achieve this, the studio boss promised to “unveil some exciting things”. Obviously, this includes the development of a new game.

Blizzard new projectOn its website, Blizzard says it is initiating development of a “never-before-seen survival game for PC and console” based on an “all-new universe”: “a place filled with heroes to imagine, stories to write, and adventures to shape. A vast realm brimming with possibilities. A brand new universe (a new license, that’s not so frequent at Blizzard), which is illustrated through a first image (above) that seems to bring together a contemporary world and a fantasy universe.

The developer isn’t saying much more at the moment, obviously because the project’s design is just beginning and the announcement is mainly aimed at recruiting some of the members of the development team – the “storytellers and builders” of this new universe, or more prosaically, artists, designers and engineers.

While there are no details about the project itself, the publication and the form of the announcement are probably revealing in themselves: we know that until now, Blizzard liked to cultivate mystery about its projects and to reveal them concretely only “when they are ready” or to make “early” announcements, “soon” that could last forever. Blizzard could afford to do this because its notoriety allowed it to both recruit and arouse the curiosity of players without saying anything. In the context of the studio’s current crisis, this may not be so true: the studio has to tease out its plans to recruit, and Mike Ybarra has promised gamers to communicate more and be more transparent.
This recruitment offer (illustrated, scripted, highlighted on the studio’s website and almost staged), and even though the project design seems to have barely begun, is perhaps a small sign of changes at Blizzard that look like a first step to “restore confidence in Blizzard”.

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