Blizzard’s survival game clearly in development since 2017

Last week, Blizzard confirmed the development of a survival game. Obviously, the project was initiated in July 2017, already has a full team and would be at least partially playable in-house.

Last week, Blizzard Entertainment published a job offer confirming the development of an enigmatic survival game. The developer is still very secretive about its content or mechanics, and even assured that the development was only in its early stages. However, the project is perhaps more advanced than we imagined.

That’s what Craig Amai’s CV – who has long been one of the senior game designers at World of Warcraft – suggests. On social media, he confirms that he has been in charge of the design of the famous survival game from the beginning (then “just a sketch on [his] desk”) until today, when he mobilized “a whole team of caring and passionate people sharing a vision that [he] couldn’t be prouder of. And according to his LinkedIn page, he’s been leading the team on this unannounced survival game since July 2017. In other words, the game’s conception began nearly five years ago.

Blizzard new projectBut what about its development? Still on social media, president Mike Ybarra says he has “played several hours [of the game in question] with the development team” and says he is incredibly excited about the vision of the project and the universe in which players will immerse themselves. A playable version is already available.

Does this mean that the project will be launched soon? Probably not. Blizzard indicates that the title is still far from being completed and the past has shown that a title that can be played internally at Blizzard is sometimes far from being showable to players (we remember for example that several Blizzard executives regularly indicated that they were playing Project Titan, before the game was completely overhauled and finally became Overwatch several years later). However, the game’s concepts are clearly in place and at least some of the content is already playable. That’s probably more than we expected from the job posting.

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