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Bethesda abandons its launcher in favor of Steam

In 2015, Bethesda deployed its own launcher,, to gather all its games. We know that gamers are a bit reluctant to the multiplication of launchers. Bethesda is giving up and will now rely entirely on Steam.

Online game developers are particularly concerned about the level of “engagement” of players and to capture them ever more effectively, many studios have chosen in recent years to group their catalog of titles under a single banner, within a single launcher.

Fallout 76Bethesda was one of them and in 2015, the American group deployed its launcher with the ambition to make it “the heart” of its activities – to distribute its games, but also mods or community tools. The launcher is particularly designed for the exploitation of Fallout 76.

However, we know that the more launchers there are, the more restrictive they are and the more players are reluctant to use them. As a result, Bethesda has announced today that it is backing off. The launcher will disappear by next May, in favor of Steam. Most of the developer’s games are already available on Valve’s platform, but it will eventually become the only “community hub” for Bethesda titles.

In concrete terms, players will still need a account, but the launcher will disappear and from April onwards, game catalogs will be transferred to Steam at no extra cost, where they will find their games and, in principle, most of their in-game achievements (characters, their progress, any in-store purchases, etc.). Bethesda details the procedure in an official FAQ on its site (the group assures, for example, that Elder Scrolls Online players should not notice any noticeable change in their access to the MMORPG’s servers) and devotes a specific FAQ to the case of Fallout 76 – in particular to manage the Fallout 1st subscription that will have to be renewed manually on Steam if you want to extend it.

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