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Battlefield 2042’s most popular mode is back

Battlefield 2042 is in a difficult position, many decisions do not seem to go down well with the fans. One of them was removing the most popular mode, Rush. This has now been reversed and is causing joy – and ridicule.

This is the situation: In December 2021, the Rush game mode was first brought to Battlefield 2042 and was immediately well received. But he was only in the game for a short time. On January 7, 2022, Rush was removed again – or rather replaced by other modes. Fans were then quite angry. Now, on January 13th, Rush returns. The players are happy, but many cannot resist a little mockery about the decision.

What is this mode? In Rush you play a smaller version of the huge All-Out Warfare from Battlefield 2042. Instead of 128 or 64 players, there are only 32 players (16 per side) on smaller maps. Rush has been present in Battlefield for many years and parts.

The mode was so well received because the size of the maps was criticized before the release. The cards are too big, too little happens, even with many players. Rush offers more action because space is limited. Even with fewer players, fans feel more comfortable here.

Battlefield 2042 is scrapping Rush – but only for a week

This is how the fans react: Most players are happy about this decision. Even when Rush was supposed to disappear for the first time, the mode was extended because it was so well received. One of the fans wrote on Twitter: “What a good move to show people that you’re really listening. Battlefield WILL be good.” However, the creators and publishers also have to listen to mockery.

For example, it says in several places that EA can at least admit that it made a mistake. One is happy about the return, but cannot understand why Rush was removed in the first place. In any case, the mood has turned more and more against the game in recent weeks. In particular, a developer’s statement that the fans’ expectations were “brutal” led to a veritable storm. It grew so much that even reddit considered closing down.

How is Battlefield 2042 doing? The game is still struggling with problems. Features don’t work properly or textures are missing. The criticism of the technical condition is so great that Steam has decided to refund the purchases, contrary to the refund policy.

Ironically, the technical issues mean that Battlefield 2042 has one plague less of a problem than other shooters: cheaters. Because the game’s bugs supposedly ensure that cheats don’t work properly, which is why one provider has already thrown in the towel.

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