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Battlefield 2042 removes the most popular mode

Since its release, Battlefield 2042 has received a lot of criticism. However, a new mode has reassured many fans. Now it has disappeared again and there is great anger about it.

What kind of mode is it? “Rush” was a kind of event mode in Battlefield 2042 and was especially interesting for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Because instead of the big battles with 128 players, the size of the matches was reduced to 32 – 16 per team. In addition, the maps were much smaller and only corresponded to a section of the maps from Battlefield 2042. The attacking team tried to take individual sectors there. If this does not succeed in the allotted time, the defenders win. This makes the mode significantly faster than classic All-Out Warfare. Rush first appeared in Bad Company 2 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Why was the mode so popular? In Battlefield 2042, Rush avoids two of the biggest problems fans have had with the game since its release:

  • the maps are too big and empty – Rush is much more compact
  • 128 players are too many in a match, so big numbers are no fun

Since the rounds ran faster and ended faster, players in Rush were able to level their weapons quickly. Almost everything about Rush has been enjoyed by players while it was in the game.

Why was Rush removed? EA did not reveal an exact reason. The mode was supposed to be limited in time from the start, but the fans still hoped they could play longer. After all, Rush was extended once and shortly afterwards a 64-player mode appeared, which also caused enthusiasm. With Rush and a few other measures, DICE has shown that they can hear the criticism of the players. Mainly because of this, there is now a lack of understanding why Rush was removed.

EA and Battlefield 2042 Community Manager Kevin Johnson, meanwhile, explains that Rush hasn’t completely gone away. Instead, the mode can now be played in Portal for a few months or weeks, but in the form of “Rush of Ages”. The rush modes of old parts should be playable here. It is currently the turn of Bad Company 2 and the mode itself should return later.

This is how the fans react: The reaction to the distance is almost consistently negative. Nobody can really understand why you remove the “only fun mode”. In a discussion on reddit, fans mostly complain. Among the friendlier formulations there are statements such as: “Crazy, how you ruin a game so quickly” or the cynical accusation that DICE is trying to kill itself on a speed run, Battlefield 2042. Insults can also be found, although a lot has already been moderated.

Rush of Ages is not a replacement for the old mode either. After all, you would get little or no experience in Portal. With that, a major advantage of Rush has disappeared in 2042. Because leveling takes a long time and is expensive. The fans want the mode back. With over 12,000 upvotes, the disappearance of Rush is by far the biggest topic in the current subreddit.

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