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Battlefield 2042 makes its largest mode smaller

Since its release, Battlefield 2042 has been criticized again and again with a number of features. However, the development team is constantly working on improvements and changes. Some of them get very positive feedback – like the latest mode, which limits the number of players in matches.

What kind of mode is it? “64 player conquest and breakthrough” basically does exactly what it says: The All-Out Warfare is limited in this mode from 128 to 64 players per match. The mode is only available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, because Xbox One and PS4 already only play with 64 players.

Along with the limitation of the number of players, the maps have also become smaller, as the first players say. The large, empty maps had already come under criticism, which is now apparently improving with the 64-player mode. The reduced number and size mean less chaos and less annoying snipers, but keep the action high. In addition, the performance is significantly better. About 15 FPS more should be possible in the new mode.

How long can I play the mode? As of today, December 14th, 64-player mode is available. The team has not yet revealed how long he will stay. In the corresponding tweet it says, however, that the mode is only “for a limited time” in the game. But it is already well received by the players.

“Battlefield 2042 is slowly reaching a playable state”

How the mode is received: The response to the new mode has been almost entirely positive. The plan of 128 players per match at release was one of the major criticisms. The fans say: “Battlefield 2042 is slowly reaching a playable state (via reddit).

However, the mode is “not a magical fix” that suddenly makes the game good. There are still problems that need to be fixed and arguments keep coming up, for example about new skins in the game.
The 64-player mode is as well received as the previously published Rush mode. This is still available, but from now on via the portal menu. There you can register directly for the matchmaking in Rush.

The desire for both Rush and the 64-player mode to come into play permanently is expressed again and again. However, it remains to be seen whether that will happen.

What’s next? DICE is always working to improve Battlefield 2042 and as it currently looks, player feedback is taken into account. Despite the problematic start, the development team apparently wants to save the game. This is also evident from statements relating to the release, patches and work on the game. The people are “serious about Battlefield 2042” and what is currently being done is the basis for a successful future.

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