Backbone: noir quest will get a new game in 2022

Raw Fury has released a teaser trailer for the new part of EggNut’s Noir adventure series Backbone, due out in 2022.

The trailer is short and showcases a well-crafted pixelated environment, but nothing else is revealed at this time.

EggNut likewise noted that it can’t tell us whether this next project will be “a sequel or a prequel or a racing game just yet. But please know that it’s more gay.” Will you be able to kiss the goose people, who are adorably called “geezers” in the fiction, this time? There’s no way to know for sureĀ until the new game comes out in 2022.

Backbone is a post-noir role-playing detective adventure in which you play the role of private detective Howard Lotor. While exploring the streets in Vancouver, British Columbia, Howard has seen it all. However, after many years of petty cases, lonely evenings, and barely making ends meet, he gets involved in a job completely different from all the previous ones. What starts as business as usual gradually develops into something much darker, confronting Howard with an oppressive, systemic hierarchy of power in the City itself.

The game received average ratings from both the press and gamers: 71 points on OpenCritic and 61% positive reviews on Steam.

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