Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: DLC in the Dwarf Realm and Kassandra returns

The announcement of a new DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla isn’t the biggest news in Ubisoft’s Assassin universe. With “Crossover Stories” players can expect a free expansion for Valhalla and Odyssey, in which the heroes of the respective game meet.

The youngest member of the Assassin’s Creed series will receive a new DLC on March 10, 2022: Dawn of Ragnarok. While we are already making a detour to Asgard and Jötunheim, the land of the ice giants in Valhalla, the new DLC takes us to the dwarves in Svartalfheim. Their empire falls apart and Odin’s son Badlr is captured by the fire giant Surt. The DLC will probably not be included in the season pass.

Content from the new Valhalla DLC

The name “Dawn of Ragnarok” very clearly indicates an apocalypse. After all, Ragnarök stands for the last battle of the gods and the end of the world. In Norse mythology, Baldr is trapped in the realm of death until Ragnarök is over. So how it gets into the hands of a fire giant is not so clear at first.

In addition, Eivor slips into the role of Odin and does not face the challenge as a person but as the father of gods, which sounds like a lot of spectacle. After all, we are armed with divine powers and can, for example, turn into a raven to eliminate opponents. With the DLC we are entering a mythical fantasy world that has very little in common with the origins of Assassin’s Creed.

From December 14th: Crossover Stories

We will be able to enjoy the “Crossover Stories” extension much earlier. These are cross-game storylines between Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Odyssey. For each of the two games an expansion appears with its own quests and storylines, which are free for the owners of the main games. According to Ubisoft, it is the “first cross-game project in the series” and combines the story of Eivor from Valhalla with Kassandra from Odyssey. These do not just see a shadow of each other, but meet on the Isle of Sky, where they are forced to work together.

Finally more animus again?

It is not entirely clear whether these stories are canon and to what extent we will again receive a strong animus background story, unfortunately. If you want to experience for yourself what it’s all about, you first have to have made some headway in the main stories.

In Valhalla you have to reach settlement level 4 and have completed the quest “A wise friend” (where Eivor Valka helps to settle in Hraefnathorp). In Odyssey you have to have completed Chapter 1 and reached Megaris. Since the plot is based on the main story, you should be prepared for spoilers if you start working on the expansions earlier.

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