Arcane hero Vi comes to Fortnite

Epic Games has announced a new skin for Fortnite with a new, short trailer. Vi comes as a playable character, one of the heroes from the popular animated series Arcane. As a bonus, her sister Jinx is also coming back.

Who is the hero? The pink haired Vi is actually a champion from the MOBA League of Legends. In late 2021, they, along with several other characters from the game, found new prominence when the animated series Arcane launched on Netflix. Vi, short for Violet, is a girl from the “lower town” of Zaun, which is part of the wealthy city of Piltover. There she struggles to survive on a daily basis, committing minor (or major) crimes and taking care of her little sister, Powder/Jinx. In LoL, she wears iconic Hextech Gloves, which deal powerful blows through magic and technology. Epic has now brought her appearance from Arcane into play as a skin.

How do I get the skin? The Vi skin has been available in the Fortnite Item Shop since January 22nd. You can buy it individually or in a bundle. This contains:

  • the Arcane Vi skin
  • the Memories of Zaun toy
  • the Piltover Warden Hammer
  • and the Punching Practice emote

If you buy the entire bundle, you also get a unique loading screen with Vi. Along with Vi, her sister Jinx will also be available as a skin again, also as a bundle if you want her pickaxe and a soundtrack.

LoL crossover in Fortnite: fans want more

What the players are saying: The skin is generating huge buzz on YouTube and Twitter. After less than a day, the English trailer has over 290,000 views and over 20,000 likes. The community is celebrating how detailed Vi looks – especially compared to Jinx. Even players who don’t play or like LoL are hooked. However, Vi’s pickaxe causes a lot of trouble. The fans would have liked their Atlas gloves here, not the hammer that actually belongs to the champion Jayce. However, the choice of weapon now provides for further speculation and wishes.

Players are asking Epic if the other Arcane characters might be coming to Fortnite as well. Ekko or Caitlyn, for example, would be a good choice and fit. Silco would also be a good choice.

What’s next in Arcane? The first season of Arcane has come to an end, leaving a fairly open ending. However, the series is already considered one of the best series of all time. Riot is often praised both the style and the plot itself are first class, especially because taboos are broken. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the second season, which has at least already been confirmed.

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