Apex Legends: “Dark Depths” trailer shows the new skins

The new event “Dark Depths” in Apex Legends brings 40 new objects and a new arena map “Habitat”. From January 11th to February 1st you can unlock new cosmetics by completing challenges.

The new “Habitat” map is one of the smallest of the many islands in the New Antilles archipelago. With a large population of Leviathans, the IMC research groups established Habitat 4 as a base to study the creatures. That was now 100 years ago and although IMC has long since left the island, the giants still live on Habitat today.

In Habitat you will fight in the natural environment of the Leviathan’s hatchery. One of the key areas is a large waterfall that has washed out the landscape, creating different heights. So you can look forward to many slides and quick escapes.

You will also find a cave and the nest on the map. There are huge Leviathan eggs in the nest that you can use for cover, as the shell of the eggs can repel projectiles. In the cave you will also find protection and from there you can prepare for a quick advance.

The lightning events offer different prizes each week that you can receive by completing challenges. Also new to this event are the limited-time Dark Depth Packs, which you can buy for 400 Apex Coins. You are guaranteed to get a unique event-limited item from the pack.

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