Alan Wake 2 is real – official announcement

Alan finally woke up – Remedy Entertainment officially announced Alan Wake 2 with a trailer at the Game Awards 2021. Well, more like a teaser, to be precise. And it’s still right until the release, it’s really long. So half flopped at the release, in any case it wasn’t as successful as the thought of a successor would have been worthwhile, Alan Wake has developed a certain cult factor since the release in 2010. Most recently we were even able to look forward to a remaster by Alan Wake for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Alan Wake 2 announced

And it now ensures that what has been rumored lately has now been officially confirmed during the Game Awards 2021: It’s coming, the sequel – Alan Wake 2 is real! Trailer’s only very short and doesn’t show any gameplay, but at the end it says big and bold “Alan Wake 2“. The information content is clear, we see a forest, then Alan Wake standing on a road that is wildly changing between day and night. He mumbles a few ominous words into his beard, then there is a brief flash, dear Alan with blood on his face takes care of a little jump care, and then the fun is over again.

When will Alan Wake 2 be released?

After all, at the end there is still the release date, or rather the release period: Alan Wake will appear for PC, PS5 and Xbos Series X / S in 2023. Waiting is the order of the day! And, so that we already have something to be excited about: Alan Wake 2 appears exclusively in the Epic Games Store on the PC. No wonder, though, after all, Epic Games is the publisher.

As little salary as the teaser trailer has, so … a bit more, but still little salary is what Remedy boss Sam Lake wrote on the Playstation blog after the unveiling at the Game Awards. So people started thinking about a successor at an early stage and wrote the story of the debut in such a way that it could theoretically be continued.

In addition to Remedy’s other projects, a small core team always worked on Alan Wake 2, developing concepts and regularly throwing them overboard. It took a long time, but now you finally see yourself in a position to financially support the game, with a vision that should be better than everyone else who came before it.

Do you have to know Control for Alan Wake?

Even if Alan Wake and Control, which is set in the same world, are of course closely related to Alan Wake 2, it should not be necessary to have played the titles to understand the story of Alan Wake 2. With previous knowledge one would be able to classify certain elements better.

Alan Wake 2 is going to be a real horror game

Unlike Alan Wake 1, which was an action game with horror elements, Alan Wake 2 is supposed to be a genuine survival horror game, and thus the first game of its kind from Remedy Entertainment to closely link gameplay and story.

What is Alan Wake?

Alan Wake was released in 2010 exclusively for the Xbox 360, and later also for the PC. Originally planned as an open-world horror game, the concept was later reduced to a linear adventure.

In the game you have to defend yourself against dark shadowy figures with weapons and a flashlight, which runs out of batteries very quickly.

After the launch, the two story DLCs The Signal and The Writer were released, and in 2012 a mini-sequel called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, which was based on an unfinished Alan Wake 2 prototype.

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