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Activision fires QA testers from Raven Software

Employees of the Raven Software studio, owned by Activision Blizzard, have been promised restructuring for several months to increase their salaries. However, as a result, it turned out that about a third of them would be fired, and the decimated studio would most likely be closed.

Currently, all Raven Software employees are being invited to individual interviews with managers, during which they will be informed about their future fate. Many testers will get a permanent job at Activision, but about a third, at least twelve people will be fired.

Raven Software, which became part of Activision in 1997, has been testing games in the Call of Duty series, particularly Black Ops, Ghosts, Infinite Warfare, and the recent Warzone. Employees who the company will take to a permanent job will receive a salary increase of one and a half dollars per hour — after that, they will receive about $18.5 per hour and additional bonuses.

The reduction is scheduled for January 28, 2022. But many employees will leave the studio without waiting for the contract to expire. Many have only recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to work at Raven Software.

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