A new shooter LEAP is coming to Steam soon

With LEAP, a new shooter will appear on Steam next week. A new trailer shows gameplay scenes in which the special means of transport of the players are immediately noticeable. The closed beta should start soon.

What exactly is LEAP? This is a first-person multiplayer shooter with a sci-fi setting. The players slip into the role of so-called LEAP elite mercenaries who fight each other for money and are divided into two factions. The game offers various class skills and gadgets. There are also some vehicles to quickly fly over the maps. The classes and abilities are determined by the exo suit worn by the mercenaries. In large multiplayer matches, it’s all about shooting down the opponents.

Who develops LEAP? Behind the game are Blue Isle Studios, which created the “Harry Potter MMO” Citadel: Forged with Fire. Now the makers have announced a closed beta and shown new gameplay scenes.

What does LEAP offer? According to the official website, you can compete against others in matches of up to 60 players. There should be several modes and different maps. Which exactly these are is not clear from the website and the Steam page. Before you start the matches, you have to choose between two factions: The “United Earth Defense Coalition” and the Exo-Terrans. You can use four different classes or exosuits:

  • Pathfinder: All-rounder, said to be suitable for most combat situations.
  • Titan: This class has a jetpack, so it is mobile and is also heavily armored. There are also heavy weapons with which you should be able to heat up opponents from the air.
  • Wraith: This class is said to excel in stealth and agility. Apparently she can vanish into thin air and is particularly strong from a distance.
  • Tech Ops: This class is described as a support that can heal and defend others. Tech Ops can perform repairs and place automatic turrets.

There are also a number of interesting modes of transportation available to players in a game. You can ride robotic mooses and metal swimming rings or fly through the air on a hoverboard. The maps appear spacious and varied in the gameplay scenes shown. As a reward for successful games, there should be visual rewards in particular. We’re talking about helmet emotes and skins for exosuits, vehicles and weapons.

How to participate? You can register for the playtest via the official website. The early access phase is scheduled to start in February. The announcement does not state whether LEAP will become a Free2Play shooter or whether it has to be purchased.

When does the closed beta start? The closed beta of LEAP is scheduled to start in a week, on January 19th. Participants can then try out LEAP for the first time via Steam. The announcement does not reveal exactly what content the closed beta offers.

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