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MMORPG Fractured outlines its “knowledge system”

In Fractured, players don’t gain experience, but knowledge points: you’ll have to explore, harvest, study or fight wildlife to unlock knowledge and gradually deepen it.

From the beginning of the development of Fractured, the studio Dynamight had set itself the goal of avoiding grind, repetitive activities in the gameplay and to articulate the evolution of the characters on a vertical progression system (to avoid that the character always gains more power). To achieve this goal, the developer has devised a progression mechanism based on the acquisition of “knowledge”.

Fractured knowledge treeSpecifically, in Fractured, the character’s strengths and weaknesses are mainly defined at the time of his creation (via a system of attributes, we’ll come back to that) and do not evolve during the game. Progression is then mainly through the acquisition of “knowledge points”. And each activity in the game allows you to acquire new knowledge: exploring the game world, collecting resources, facing monsters or bosses.
All these activities earn knowledge points that can be used to advance your character.

Knowledge points can for example be spent to unlock talents in a talent tree – it consists of six main branches (six specific areas), plus “intermediate branches” that bring together talents that can fall under two main branches. However, talents have a marginal influence on the character’s progress and the talent tree can be reset at any time to change the allocation of points (every time the character rests).

The main originality of Fractured is its “knowledge book”: it contains all the knowledge of the game, but when the player starts, they are grayed out and give very little information – only where more details can be found. In concrete terms, the player will be able to note that such and such knowledge is mastered by such and such a family of monsters: confronting the monsters in question will allow the player to learn the techniques they use and thus unlock the knowledge for himself.Fractured skills and abilities 2

The same goes for collecting herbs or minerals, exploring the game world or unlocking its mysteries. Knowledge can then be studied by dedicating knowledge points to it. The more you learn and invest in the world around you, the more knowledge points you get, and the better you will be able to master it. In other words, the player’s activity is mainly based on expanding and deepening his knowledge according to his playing style.

As in some tabletop role-playing games, a selection of skills must be memorized when the character is resting so that they can be added to the skill bar and used until the next rest phase. The character is constantly acquiring new knowledge, but you will have to be judicious in using it.

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