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Fractured player base to be transferred to Gamigo on February 1

Gamigo will take over the operation of Fractured. As a result, the MMORPG player base will be transferred to Gamigo on February 1. Players who would like to object (and give up playing) can do so until January 31.
Last month, the Italian independent studio Dynamight announced a publishing agreement with the German group Gamigo: the former’s MMORPG Fractured will be operated by the latter. In concrete terms, Fractured will be distributed on Gamigo’s servers and Gamigo will also promote the game, manage the MMORPG community and moderate the official forum.

As a result, the data of the players (who registered on the official Fractured website, bought a founder pack or participated in the various test phases of the MMO since 2019) will be transferred to Gamigo in order to be integrated into its own player base – the Glyph platform.

The transfer is scheduled to start on February 1 and in a note published on the official website, Dynamight specifies that players will keep their achievements: the content of the packs purchased or the progression unlocked on the official site. However, players who do not want their data to be transmitted to Gamigo, it is possible to oppose it from their account, before January 31. Dynamight underlines however that it will not be possible to play Fractured without an account on Gamigo’s website and that no refund will be given to players who choose to oppose the transfer.

Just a quick reminder: the new MMORPG will give players the freedom to choose who they want to be – thanks to a unique character development system – and the ability to shape the world as they wish. This can be done both figuratively, using the game’s player-driven economy, and literally, by building cities in three worlds on several continents. Horizontal progression, player-built settlements, and a dynamic open world are just some of the things players can expect from Fractured. For more details check out here.

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