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Fractured MMORPG announces its three factions and eight playable races

In Fractured, players will have to choose between three factions (Humans, Beastmen or Demons), and then a race within each faction, which will drastically influence the game experience in the MMORPG.

We know the plot of the MMORPG Fractured: a cataclysm has created three worlds, that of the humans, that of the beastmen and finally that of the demons, each of which is home to very different peoples, as many playable races in the MMORPG universe. And according to the developer Dynamight, the choice of the race of one’s character is important as it will drastically influence the game experience:

  • It determines the planet on which you start your adventure, each displaying a specific environment, resources and characteristics;
  • The type of skills, spells, crafting techniques more or less accessible to the character;
  • The appearance of the villages, cities and buildings that can be built there and the NPCs that can be recruited;
  • The type of society in which the character will evolve, determining the way in which one can play with the other players (can one carry out hostile actions or not, and with what consequences);
  • The deities that can be prayed to and how they intervene in the mortal world;
  • Or the ease with which players can travel from one planet to another and how they will be welcomed by other peoples…

The choice of faction (Wildfolk, Demon or Human) will therefore be decisive, as will the choice of race for your character within each faction. As a result, the developer has provided some details on each of them.

Wildfolks (beastmen)
The Wildfolk are the natives of the lush planet Arboreus – what remains of the ancient Elysium where all the peoples of the MMORPG once lived. The Wildfolk tribal society is built around principles of equality and respect (the Wildfolk are pacifists among themselves) and is led by druids, who are able to harness the primal energies of Arboreus.

The Wildfolk live in harmony with nature: they respect natural resources (which they harvest, but sparingly) and in exchange, they can tap directly into nature’s primal energy, which increases their power tenfold when they are on Arboreus. Because of this connection, Wildfolks have a special affinity for druidic magic and can transform into beasts (depending on the race chosen at character creation). There are several different races of Wildfolk:

The Chadras (Tiger) are a powerful people, larger and stronger than humans, with exceptional reflexes and agility, making them versatile warriors and using magic to further enhance their abilities. When they turn into tigers, their speed and accuracy of attack is increased, and they have a unique ability to quickly catch up to their target to strike at vital points, causing severe wounds that cause victims to quickly bleed to death.

Udoadras (Wolves) are particularly social and live in packs. They are powerful and resilient, known for their ability to attack in coordinated groups (their ability increases when they hunt in groups). In their primitive form (wolf), Udoadras gain speed and increase their pack bonus tenfold to grant bonuses to their allies.

Nheedras (Bears) are the largest of the Wildfolks, with great physical strength and incomparable endurance, but also slower and clumsier than their counterparts. Nheedras make exceptional druids, able to harness the energy of Arboreus and transform it into elemental strength. Once transformed into a bear, their resistance and regeneration are increased, and they can increase their raw power tenfold to stun their opponents before striking prodigious blows.

Erwydras (Stag) are intelligent, agile and perceptive creatures, but physically weak. Erwydras are naturally inclined to the practice of magic, and their physical weakness is offset by their ability to escape dangerous situations by both physical and magical means. In their stag form, Erwydra can block or deflect magical attacks and charge enemy lines. If they must flee, they can rely on improved movement speed and dodging abilities.

The Demons
Banished to the planet Tartaros, hostile and without many resources, the Demons are a warlike people, prone to war and naturally evil. The demonic society that has developed on Tartaros is brutal and anarchic: the demons hold no strong values except their devotion to their dark god (Babilis, a vengeful deity) and their thirst for power.

Because of their nature, demons regularly engage in clan wars among themselves, slaughtering their fellow demons and pillaging their cities – which does not prevent them from erecting settlements, monumental buildings and shrines to show off their clan’s power.

And while Tartaros is a hostile world, demons have a natural ability to travel to other worlds. The demons have great contempt for the Wildfolks and humans, and regularly raid Arboreus and Syndesia to spread death and chaos. These expeditions are limited, however, as the demons weaken over time if they stay away from Tartaros for too long. There are also several families of demons, with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Blood demons (vampires) rank among the most intelligent demons and display strong physical strength. They enjoy drinking the blood of other living creatures, but don’t need it to survive – although blood temporarily gives them extraordinary powers, both physical and magical. Blood demons are skilled in sorcery, and excel at controlling mental abilities and practicing blood magic.

Shadow Demons (Nightmares) are masters of assassination, aided by their modest size for a demonic creature (barely that of a human). They enjoy the shadows (they have bonuses at night and in the dark), are agile, and have mastered the art of disguise and illusion, but also of traps and poisons.

Hellfire demons (Infernals) are gigantic and powerful, giving them superhuman strength, to the point of being feared by all. Infernals are skilled and powerful fighters, attacking head-on and relying on their brute strength. With their innate affinity for fire, they use any fire-related ability and can survive in extremely hot environments. Because of their love of combat, their abilities are enhanced tenfold in the most difficult of confrontations.

Accused of being the cause of the Great Fracture, humans live on Syndesia, a pale copy of ancient Elysium, rich in resources but deprived of all primary energy. Humans are mainly characterized by their freedom and versatility: they are curious and always in search of knowledge, power or wealth, and unlike other Fractured peoples, they are not subject to any innate alignment (their free will allows them to be good or bad depending on their actions).

Humans have no physical advantages either, but they are curious enough to be interested in all fields of knowledge (combat or magic related), to develop all kinds of technologies (artifacts for their city, their buildings, even for themselves).

On Syndesia, humans have organized a feudal society, they build cities (from the village to the regional capital) and rely on territorial authorities. This does not prevent banditry and illegal practices (entire guilds are dedicated to this). An approach that makes some say that the greatest strengths of humans are also their greatest weaknesses.

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