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MMORPG Fractured Online in open alpha testing for a weekend

Fractured Online will be unveiled in an open alpha (accessible to all subscribers of the official website) from February 4th to 6th. The developer intends to test the latest performance optimizations of the MMORPG.

For many months now, Fractured Online has been unveiling its latest updates during test sessions, more or less accessible (open to all or only to financial contributors), and for varying lengths of time (from a few days to several weeks).

Fractured alpha testingThe next of these test sessions will be held next week weekend, from Friday February 4th at 4pm, until Sunday February 6th at 4pm (NY time). And for the occasion, all the registrants of the official website will be able to participate in this alpha-test weekend, as long as they have registered before tonight, January 28th at 5:59 pm – the curious ones who would not have an account on the official website yet know what they have to do. Players who play at least two hours during the test weekend will receive a special “Shaper of Syndesia” title (in reference to the name of the human planet in the game universe).

The test is intended to test the latest performance optimizations of the MMORPG. As we know, Fractured Online relies on SpatialOS technologies designed by the Improbable group: the engine has recently been the subject of an optimization update, which has been integrated into the Fractured code, and the development teams of the Dynamight studio are confident that it will now allow to welcome more players simultaneously in the most populated areas of the MMO. The alpha weekend should therefore allow to test the effectiveness of these optimizations.

For those who would not participate in the tests, Dynamight specifies that no confidentiality clause (NDA) will weigh on the testers. Everyone is invited to share or stream their game experience during this alpha weekend.

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