Final Fantasy XIV: The next expansion is already in development

In a long stream on Japanese radio Mog Station, Final Fantasy XIV boss Naoki Yoshida spoke about the near and distant future of the MMORPG. The next expansion 7.0 is already in development. In addition, further adjustments for the jobs will come with the next patch 6.08.

This is coming in the near future: On January 4th, FFXIV released the new patch 6.05 with an epic Pandaemonium raid and casual content Euphoratron. During a stream on Radio Mog Station, director Yoshida revealed some details about what fans can expect soon.

The new job Reaper is currently very strong and, in addition to high own DPS, also offers good support for the group. This makes jobs other than raiding look less rewarding. But instead of nerfing the reaper, other jobs are buffed instead so they can keep up with him. That should provide a better balance. The changes are already coming with patch 6.08. It doesn’t have a release date, but experience has shown that it should appear in February at the latest. The following jobs get a buff:

  • samurai
  • black mage
  • monk

Yoshida also thinks Dancers and Paladins should get buffs as well. However, it was also noted that jobs not mentioned in the radio talk will also receive adjustments. Just not all jobs.

There will be a big letter from the producer in February that will give fans an overview of the upcoming content. The information should cover the entire 6.x patch series up to patch 7.0, which represents the new addon. Above all, however, the contents of patch 6.1 are presented. It is already known that the patch will bring the first part of the 24-man raid and big changes in PvP. The exact information about the continuation of the story or about the eagerly awaited content of paradise island is still rare. That will change in February.

This is how it is with the sale of FFXIV: The MMORPG is currently in a complete sales stop due to the overcrowded servers and the free test version has also been temporarily discontinued. During the radio stream, Yoshida explained that there will be new information in the coming weeks. The team is currently planning to install new servers, including the Oceania data center. According to Yoshida, there will be a roadmap for this at the earliest this week.

This is what Yoshida says about the expansion: Although the latest expansion Endwalker has only just been released, director Yoshida was already talking about the next expansion. The development on it has already started and the rough story structure is also already set, according to Yoshida. He previously mentioned that this will be an entirely new story arc that players won’t start as “Warriors of Light” but as normal adventurers again. Characters like Krile and Thancred will play important roles in the upcoming patches, but there will also be a number of completely new characters to accompany you on your new journey.

What will come after the universe? Even if the scene changes, it will still be a battle of values. We still have a lot that we want to show you and we have already decided what it will be.

Players can therefore look forward to further moral and philosophical questions in the story, even after the Hydaelyn Zodiark saga with Endwalker is over.

The team is also already considering which job will be the next “poster job” for the warrior of light, also known as Meteor Survivor or Hiroshi in Japanese. He represents the players of FFXIV and has taken on a new job with each expansion. In Endwalker it was Paladin, in Shadowbringers it was Dark Knight.

The Radio Mog Station host also asked if the Warrior of Light could ever be female. Similar to what happens in the official co-op video “Fly me to the Moon” with Sia on Endwalker. Yoshida replied that he hadn’t thought about it until now. Since he now has to start thinking about the trailer for the next expansion, he will consider the question.

So it shouldn’t be long before the next flood of information about the upcoming content in FFXIV comes. If the development team keeps up their usual pace, fans can expect the next content update Patch 6.1 in Spring 2022.

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