Final Fantasy XIV is finally getting new servers

Final Fantasy XIV struggles with overcrowded servers and long login queues. As a result, sales of the MMORPG had to be discontinued. Now the director Yoshida has presented a roadmap for the expansion of the server.

Since the summer of 2021, there has been a high influx of new players in FFXIV, which is causing full servers and queues when logging in. The MMORPG broke several of its player records on Steam and was briefly in the top 10 most played games.

The situation worsened drastically with the release of the new addon Endwalker on December 3, 2021. The servers were overrun with players and queues formed for hours. For fans who could only log in in the evening due to work, it was almost impossible to get into the game. As a result, the FFXIV team gave the players 3 weeks of free game time as compensation and stopped all sales of the MMORPG. The free test version could no longer be played either.

FFXIV Director Naoki Yoshida explained that the global semiconductor shortage has made it difficult for the team to get hold of new servers, and the restrictions on travel between countries make installation difficult. He promised an update on the status in January. Now there is new information on the roadmap of FFXIV‘s server upgrades and the sale of the MMORPG in a blog post from the director.

New servers starting January 25th, but…

That’s coming on January 25th: In the usual detailed update, the head of the MMORPG lists the developers’ plans for the expansion of the data centers. Accordingly, the new data center for the oceanic region will go online as early as January 25th. It was originally planned to start with 3 new servers, but this number was increased to 5 due to the high number of players. Players based in the region can switch servers, thereby reducing their server latency. Switching will be available again on January 26th and is free for everyone at the Oceania Data Center. It also comes with certain rewards. Simultaneously with the Oceania Data Center, sales of the digital version of FFXIV will also resume. The reasons for this are the new servers and the login frequency of existing players, which according to Yoshida is normalizing again. However, should it again be overloaded, the sale will be stopped again. The free test version will also remain switched off.

This is the status of the EU servers: Compared to Oceania, players in the rest of the regions still have to wait a long way for their servers to be expanded, including Europe. The first step of expanding the European servers will only happen in July 2022.

In the first expansion stage around July 2022, we will expand each of the two logical data centers in Europe by two new worlds, i.e. add a total of four new worlds. In the second stage, we plan to set up a new third logical data center and open eight new worlds there. This results in a configuration of three logical data centers with 8:8:8 worlds. The expansion in two stages is unfortunately necessary due to the current lack of semiconductors. However, the establishment of the third center will not take place until the summer of 2023. In addition, the fourth data center for Europe is already being planned. Similar measures will also be taken for the USA and Japan.

The team is planning the server expansion well ahead and already considering the next expansion 7.0, which doesn’t have an official name yet but is already in development. The situation as with the launch of Endwalker should be prevented. While the January 25th expansion doesn’t include all-region servers that many players have been hoping and waiting for, the Oceania data center should still provide some relief. Players from Australia, New Zealand and other countries in the region that used to be scattered across JP, EU and US data centers will now switch servers and settle into their new homes.

However, the new servers are not only of interest to players from the Oceania region. It is quite possible that the transfer could also be attractive for players from other regions. On the one hand, it is free and comes with bonuses. On the other hand, new servers offer a fresh economy that you can enter directly as a craftsman or collector. And most importantly, on new servers there are a lot of free plots in the housing areas.

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