Final Fantasy XIV introduces new raid and overhauls its PvP in update 6.1

Final Fantasy XIV gets the next big patch 6.1 on April 12th. He starts the next storyline that ended with Endwalker, brings a 24-man raid and fundamentally overhauls PvP. There is a nice trailer as a bonus on top of that.

This is coming in patch 6.1: With update 6.1, a new big chapter starts in FFXIV, which, as usual, brings with it a whole range of new content. In the letter from the producer (Live Letter) this content was presented. The players can primarily look forward to the continuation of the story. After the big story about the two gods Hydaelyn and Zodiark in the addon Endwalker has ended, the player characters start into a completely new adventure.

As usual, the following new content will also be available:

  • New 24-man raid themed around the 12 gods of Eorzea
  • New Extreme Trial
  • New dungeon
  • New Dream Trial
  • New Ultimate Raid Battle against King Thordan
  • Hildibrand’s crazy side quests continue
  • A series of side quests centered around the NPC Tataru
  • Quests for the new Arkasodara tribe
  • Request deliveries for the NPC Ameliance Leveilleur
  • Major overhauls in PvP
  • Rework of A Realm Reborn main story quests. The mandatory dungeons of the story can be entered with a group of NPCs from 6.1
  • Housing in Ishgard, which is awarded through a special lottery system

In addition, there are a number of smaller adjustments and updates, such as calling cards, new hairstyles, mounts and outfits, travel between data centers and balance adjustments for combat jobs. The patch will be released on April 12th, but will be split into several smaller patches. This means that not all content will be published directly on the 12th, but partly in the following weeks.

New raid turns gods into enemies

That’s what “Myths of the Realm” is all about: The new 24-man raid from FFXIV revolves around the 12 gods of the inhabitants of Eorzea and the truth behind them. These gods serve as patron saints of cities and the arts, but their origin and history are a mystery. According to the current interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, the raid is a kind of “epilogue” for the story of Endwalker. Topics and questions that were not fully dealt with there are taken up.

The first part of the raid is called “Aglaia”, which means “splendour” or “splendour” in Greek. In doing so, it continues the general theme of Endwalker, which revolves around Greek mythology. Fans therefore suspect that the raid will cover the history of the Convocation of 14, who ruled the planet before the world split. Similar to what the 8-man raid Pandaemonium does. There are a number of members of the Convocation who, despite their importance in the story, have not yet appeared.

PvP overhaul – New modes and a Season Pass

This is Crystalline Conflict: The new PvP mode was announced before the release of the Endwalker addon. It completely replaces the competitive FEAST and also brings a breath of fresh air to FFXIV‘s PvP thanks to the new reward system. In the new mode, two teams of 5 players compete against each other in special arenas. A match lasts 5 minutes. The goal is to move a large crystal from the center of the arena to the opponent’s camp.

At least one player must be in the crystal’s hitbox. However, the speed of the crystal does not depend on how many players are in the circle. She always stays the same. However, if an opposing player is standing in the circle, the crystal will not move. So it’s sort of a reverse tug of war, only with more violence. Upon reaching certain checkpoints, the crystal becomes chained and cannot be moved further for some time. The teams have to defend their positions in time or try to scare away the attackers.

On the battlefield, however, teams not only have to pay attention to their opponents, but also to their surroundings. There will be traps and monsters that will make life difficult for them. But also shortcuts and boosts that you can use to stab the opposing team in the back, for example.

How Competitive PvP Works: For the hardcore PvP players, there will be a ranking system that they can climb for cosmetic rewards. It is divided into 5 tiers:

  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold
  • platinum
  • diamond

These stages are in turn divided into several sub-stages, which are referred to as “Rising Stars”. For example, you go from Bronze 2 to Bronze 1, to Silver 3, and so on. However, it is impossible to fall back from silver to bronze if you lose.

This is also changing: PvP skills are getting a major overhaul in 6.1. The Limit Rush, which was previously shared by all players in a group, is now available to each player individually and can be freely used by them. To reduce reliance on the healers, the non-healer jobs are given abilities that can regenerate their HP or greatly increase their defenses (up to 90% according to tool tips). In return, the healers will also receive their own PvP-specific attack spells to be able to defend themselves.

Season Pass instead of static rewards

How the rewards are changing: With the launch of the new PvP content, there will also be new rewards. The reward system is based on the classic season pass known from shooters like Fortnite or CoD. With every new major patch, roughly every 4 months, there will be a pass for which players can collect EXP in PvP. The EXP can be collected in all PvP activities, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Crystalline Conflict.

Upon reaching certain levels, they receive rewards such as cosmetic items, emotes, and special tokens that they can exchange for other items. Players don’t need to worry about missing out. The tokens can be used to get rewards from previous seasons as well.

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