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Final Fantasy XIV has increased twice its Steam active player base

Famous MMORPG by Square Enix reached more than 90k active players on Steam, breaking a previous July record of 67k.

Even though Final Fantasy XIV has been almost ten years old, its popularity is not fading but only growing. Not so long ago, the long-awaited Endwalker expansion became available in early access, after which the main game set a new record of more than 94k in the number of active players on Steam.

Final Fantasy XIV Chart

This record will likely be broken again shortly, as more players will enter the game.

The new expansion for MMORPG has not yet reached an official release; however, users who pre-ordered could get acquainted with the latest content before anyone else. In just one day, Final Fantasy XIV set a new record for the number of active players.

The last peak number of online players was more than 67k back in July. Worth mentioning that the game has managed to more than double the active gaming base on Steam since June. Earlier that month, the peak barely reached 41k players.

Obviously, the main reason for the massive influx of players in the early access of a new add-on. Moreover, do not forget about the latest scandals on the grounds of discrimination and sexual harassment that have engulfed Activision Blizzard. There is no denying that the accusations against the publisher of World of Warcraft scared off some of the players and content makers from the once most popular MMORPG.

In general, the figure of more than 94k players simultaneously playing Final Fantasy XIV on Steam is quite impressive. However, this number will grow even more significantly when Endwalker goes into full release. The mark of 100k simultaneous players will be easily overcome.

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